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There are few places on earth where you can buy a bed and Swedish meatballs.  Or curtains and lox.

I have a love/hate relationship with the megastore, IKEA.  Ever since reading Corderoy as a kid, I have wanted to get locked overnight in a department store.  IKEA would be the perfect place; its model apartments would provide hours joyful exploration.  And you could have an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord.  Amazing and incredible!  I’m going during the day, though, so there’s no chance that I will be left behind by my owner and get to do that.  A girl can dream, right?

Also, it makes me think about what my life would be like if it were “better.”  What if I had less stuff?  Or if my house were clean?  Or if I didn’t move every year and could actually bolt stuff to the walls?  Would I be organized enough to fit my family into a wall-less 400 sq. ft. home?

haha  Definitely not.  No matter what.  Ever.

There is another part of me that is always wondering if the quality is good enough, why they cover everything in plastic veneer, and how badly the environment was damaged to create what sits before me.  And somehow, I still want to purchase almost everything.  In the past, I’ve spent so long there, that I’ve left completely dehydrated with a headache and sore feet.  I now bring a bottle of water and Advil and wear comfy shoes.

Tomorrow, I brave IKEA once again, and I’m going to ignore those aforementioned thoughts in order to buy this bed:


The Rykene fram is solid wood!!! At IKEA!

We have been sleeping with our mattress on the floor for 6 months, which probably doesn’t help my allergies.  So I’m splurging and spending $129.  Not only is the price right, but it’s one of the only things IKEA makes that is all wood.  And I can be happy with that.

Throw in a lunch of meatballs and a few hours of meandering and daydreaming, and it’s a pretty perfect afternoon.

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  1. […] a disaster, but it had a new-to-us futon and a finally assembled bookshelf (from that last trip to IKEA). We’d been putting off doing much with the office because we didn’t want to spend […]

  2. Matt and I were just talking about going there and looking for a couple things for G’s room. I would ask to come with you but I will totally slow you down…and I might end up sleeping in one of the fake apartments.

  3. Rebecca Stewart said:

    Two comments:

    – Watch this video, there’s a pertinent line:

    – Don’t forget they give away free meatballs on Memorial Day.

    – Also, one of the best days Kevin and I had when we were originally dating was when we went to Ikea rather than class. Hellloooo old people.

    • I laughed so hard at a few of these. It was especially funny because I love Papyrus font AND filet-o-fish. PS- I have a really similar IKEA couch.

      I love that you went on a date there. That’s why you’re still close. I haven’t forgotten about the meatballs; I’ve even been spreading the word!

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