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Slow Food and No Food

I really, really like to eat.  I especially like eating amazing food, but I also hold a soft spot for really bad for you food.

This makes what I’m doing now somewhat ridiculous.  I haven’t eaten solid food for 2 days.  Yep, I’m 4 days into a raw food cleanse and 2 days into the juicing portion, and I was feeling pretty great until tonight.  Because today, I drank copious amounts of homemade, fresh fruit and veggie juices…

Freshly Squeezed Blood Orange Juice


AND…  I also visited Alice Water’s restaurant online.  Just to look and plan my first visit for sometime this year.  The famed Chez Panisse’s menu (click here) this week features truffles- which I never seem to be able to get enough of!  Plus, it includes cassoulet, chicory salad, duck confit, crab cakes, and this- “Grilled Wolfe farm quail with black truffle sauce, wild mushrooms, fried potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!  That sounds absolutely delicious.  OH MY GOODNESS!

It was like I was setting myself up to drive to Berkeley for dinner…  or stop at In and Out for a Hamburger out of shear frustration.

But I didn’t.  I held strong.  Yeah, me.  (I said this last part sarcastically.  I’m suddenly grumpy and want food.)

Still, I wanted to write something here tonight.  This is post #21…  Guess that makes it a habit now!  And that’s way better than stopping for that burger.

It’s Sunday Night

Reasons I am not posting a thoughtful, contemplative note this evening:

1.  I had an extremely busy and fun day, and I’m spent.  We went soaring through the redwoods while ziplining this morning at Sonoma Canopy Tours (my first time ever!) and had an awesome and humungous lunch at Howard’s Station in Occidental.  Then I drove all the way home and tutored.  Plus, after all that, Chris and I spent 1.5 hours cursing IKEA and saying WTF as we put together our new bed.

But look!  We did it!  It is great in our room, and even though it doesn’t match any of the rest of the furniture, it somehow pulled it all together.  The room feels proportioned; the bed is the right height; and we even get some under-the-bed storage.  It sure makes me thrilled about my new plan to get our house in order…  Except the vacuum broke again.  Damn you, Hoover!

Honey and Chris enjoying the bed

2.  I keep forgetting that tomorrow morning starts a 9 day cleanse with my friend, Chandra, who lives in New Jersey.  Since I just remembered (for the zillionth time in the last 3 days) that it begins so soon, I am spending some time planning and steeling my mind to the challenge ahead, i.e. no coffee, which she just reminded me of.  It’s a good thing that I (actually remembered for a brief moment on Friday and) ordered extra veggies and fruits from the CSA for the upcoming week.

This is the plan:  2 days eating raw foods, 5 days juicing, and 2 final days eating raw foods.  It’s an interesting way to end year 32 and begin 33!

3.  See numbers 1 and 2 above.  Nighty-night!

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