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Reining It In

Chris and I have decided to take control of our finances and tighten the reins a bit.  We live within our means, but that doesn’t equate to stewarding our money well.  This means we don’t have savings, wonder how we’re going to make car repairs when big things come up, can’t splurge on something really fabulous when we’d like, or…  the list goes on.

Though bills get paid and responsibilities are covered, I often end up regretting how I’ve spent my money the previous month.  Instead of looking back and feeling bad, it seems more logical to be a grown up, have some self-control, and kick butt with utilizing what we have!

We spend a horrific amount of money on eating out. In a normal week, we purchase at least these things:
Pizza or Sandwich

I don’t get the pizza or sandwiches, and Chris doesn’t get pho all the time, but still…  I buy food or beverages out at least once a day.  That cost adds up really fast!

We are looking at buying our first house (Hooray!  Holy crap!), and we’d really like to get our finances shored up tightly before we add another responsibility to the list.  It will help us to be more financially stable and keep me from being anxious about moolah.

With the market the way it is, we have a few months (at least) before we have to make our first mortgage payment.  In that time, we’re going to try to establish some great new patterns so that we spend less and save more!  You know, to take care of the roof, dishwasher, or whatever repair is inevitable when owning a house.

The first step is to eat out less.  And while this may be the simplest thing we can do, it may actually be the hardest!

So I’m turning to you for advice and support.  I’d love to hear what you do to encourage cooking at home, spending less money on groceries, not wasting the groceries you buy, etc…

Please share.  Because I’m going to need all the help that I can get!

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  1. awesome catch, realizing where your extra $ goes. we did this same exercise when we started saving for a house. and we over-spent in the same categories you are. it’s crazy to see how much money you “lose” on totally unnecessary purchases.

    ordering dinner/eating out: mike and i limit ordering/eating out to once a week. i also buy a whole roasted chicken at the grocery once a week to stretch my “not cooking” nights.

    grocery: make rotating weekly menus, maybe 4 weeks. of things you’ll actually make and that fit into your schedule. it’s amazing to go to the grocery store with a streamlined list. you’re in and out fast. and you waste a lot less food.

    coffee, coffee, coffee: mike and i limit our food/misc purchases to cash. that cash is a weekly allowance and when we’re out of $, we’re out. no ATM visit, no debit purchases. it was easy for me after i added up my 2-a-day starbucks habit: around $150 a month. WHAT? for coffee?

    i see your goal clearly, keep up the diligent work!!
    love you!

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