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Kitchen Confidential

My house is doing me in.  Does this look like a kitchen of someone who likes to cook?  Or eat?

Kitchen, day 1

What a mess! Must clean!

I think that the saddest part about this is that I actually have been eating food, making coffee, and getting water out of this mess over the last 5 days.  The second saddest part is that I’m showing it to the world, airing my dirty laundry, admitting that I have a problem.  But that’s part of the solution, too!

I made a big decision yesterday to hold myself accountable for keeping my house clean and changing bad patterns into good habits.  Each day, I am going to take a photo of the one room that I am working to keep clean at that time.  When I have 7 days of sparkly photos to be proud of, I will tackle a new room.  I will then be responsible for keeping two rooms, three rooms, the whole house.  Instead of getting frustrated by the whole house, trying to clean it all, and then falling behind again (like all other attempts in the past), I am now building slowly toward success.

Don’t worry…  I am NOT going to share these daily photos with you, because I want you to keep reading this blog!  I will update on my progress, though, and let you know how staying on top of things is going.  I’m starting in the kitchen, because everything already has a place.  And, to be perfectly honest, I cleaned a good chunk of it yesterday.  Hey, this is my project.  I get to make the rules!

After an hour of cleaning, this is how fabulous the kitchen looked:

clean kitchen

Ta da! Kitchen, day 2

Clean counters.  Dishwasher unloaded, reloaded, and running.  Clean towels hanging up.  Everything in its place or drying.  (I didn’t hand dry, because I’m not at someone’s house or getting paid for this.)  It is still this clean today.  One day sparkly.

Hooray!!!  Go me!  Yeah, I also need to clean the microwave and do the floor, but it will take time to get it all right.

PS- Chris said that yesterday’s post inspired him to get on top of things, too.  Tonight, he’s going to organize his office.  Awesome!

Comments on: "Kitchen Confidential" (4)

  1. I love this! Very inspiring. I tweeted your last post about procrastination, hope you had a few new reads! If you want to do a cross-post about clothes or vintage on, let me know! I haven’t had time to update it lately.

    • I would love to cross post… Tell me more, since I’m just getting started! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. My favorite was the book reviews. So interesting, even for a non-mom.

  2. I am super fortunate, because my husband is excellent at tidying but not so great at deep cleaning, and I am the WORST at tidying, but pretty good at cleaning. Your kitchen looks great! I know you can keep it up!

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